The shoe that grows with the baby's feet

An expandable and adjustable baby shoe or bootie which can be customized to fit during a baby's first two years. The concept is to allow the baby shoe to be expanded as the baby's foot grows so that a single shoe can be used for babies up to 24 months of age.

The shoe has an expansion mechanism which enables the front portion of the shoe to be progressively increased as the baby grows. The rear portion of the shoe also has a fastening mechanism whereby the rear area which surrounds the ankles can also be adjusted as the baby grows for a customized fit.

Does not hurt, adapts to the foot allowing a healthy development in freedom. Awarded and recognized in many countries of the world, it is now manufactured in Portugal, with the care and knowledge that its own owned, with leathers and materials of the best qualityto be exported to all world.

Patented, recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists.

One size, fits from 0 to 24 months.
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Shupeas B
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